by Amber Sea

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First single from Amber Sea's upcoming 5 track EP "Infantile Vision" .
This track features a guest vocal appearance by Chris Barretto from Monuments.


To be honest, I trusted you at the beginning,
To be honest, you meant something to me.
To be honest, I trusted you at the beginning,
To be honest, you meant something to me.

I respected you way more than I probably should have
Your heart's so dark it could make the sun turns black.
It may be a matter of generation,
We don't live in the same world, prosperious and sheltered.
Or is this just a matter of education?
An expendable life,
Hollow and so selfish.
I'm not the one who created a kingdom,
A kingdom with hate.

I was fucking blind
Cause you were my mate

Today still I wonder if you even realize that together,
We built up the dreams throne you sat on alone for a year.

These sleepless nights, when you were not counting the sheeps.
These loveless dreams,
Scared to death by an imaginary ghost.
I tried my best to help you through all that shit,


Don't ask me why, I can't divide the middle
A perfect lie sitting in the shadow over me
Yea, you're lying to me
The vibe that you sell, the way that you look at me
Yea, you're lying to me
There's nothing that you could provide that would bring me release
Lie to me for the last time

I can easily imagine your face listening to this song
Fuck yeah.

Now that you've got no crown
You're no fucking king
I finally open my mouth
I won't bite my tongue


From now on I can see how much you're spineless and ridiculous
How can you still be so arrogant when you cry in your bed?


released September 6, 2014
Written by Kevin Chesnais & Axel Richet
Recorded & Edited by Kevin Chesnais & Matt Rouland
Mixed & Mastered by Cairn Tse-Lalonde



all rights reserved


Amber Sea Lille, France

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